Frankie & Johnny in the Clair de Lune - New Repertory Theatre 2010

"The performance takes place in the New Rep’s small Black Box Theater rather than the much larger Charles Mosesian Theater, 
and director Antonio Ocampo-Guzman stages “Frankie and Johnny’’ with a shrewd understanding of how to use the confined 
environment of Frankie’s apartment (meticulously rendered by set designer Erik D. Diaz) to maximize the impact of the 
convulsive verbal (and sometimes physical) fireworks of the play."  Don Aucoin - The Boston Globe

"A sense of realism pervades Ocampo-Guzman's production, from the way Frankie and Johnny hold conversations through the  
bathroom door to the photo realistic dinginess of Erik D. Diaz's set."  Jenna Scherer -  The Boston Herald

"The play, as directed by Antonio Ocampo-Guzman, hews to emotional honesty and real-world detail. Those qualities are 
evident in every aspect of the production; the rise and fall of the emotional temperature between the two actors, the tiny-but-tidy 
homeyness of Frankie’s studio apartment, the radio music murmuring in the background, and the often dim, silvery, dreamlike 
lighting. (Scenic designer Erik D. Diaz, properties designer Lauren L. Duffy, sound designer David Reiffel, and lighting designer 
Chris Brusberg all deserve praise for exemplary work.)"  Kilian Melloy - The EDGE: Boston 

"The configuration of the black box space quietly contributes to the gestalt of the play. Placing Erik D. Diaz's set in the far 
corner of the room reinforces the sense that Frankie and Johnny both have their backs against the wall and that the coming 
together of these two people may be their last chance at happiness and companionship."  Nancy Grossman -

"The set is a true-to-life (and scale) New York efficiency apartment."

The Devil's Music: The Life & Blues of Bessie Smith - Seven Angels Theatre Company 2010

"The Seven Angels stage, insightfully designed by Erik D. Diaz, is so lushly warm that you feel as if you're up close and 
personal with Bessie Smith and her talented musicians."  Joanne Greco-Rochman - The Republican-American

" Erik D. Diaz's scenic design was nicely taylored to the production"  David Begelman - The Danbury News Times

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - Penobscot Theatre Company 2010

" The set, designed by Boston-based Erik D. Diaz is a split-level design inspired by the Crystal Palace, the all-glass structure 
in London in the 19th century. It is spare but effective, with moving staircases, and doorways seamlessly transitioning scenes."
 Emily Burnham - The Bangor Daily News

" Erik D. Diaz also did a wonderful job creating a set that brings the play to life. The wooden walkways and moldy stairs were 
darkly beautiful."  J. Puolin -

" Much of the cinematic quality of the show was brought out by the dynamic lighting effects, stark set design and smooth set 
changes"  Katy England - The Maine Edge

Pinkalicious - Omaha Theatre Company/ The Rose 2010

" The brightly-painted sets by scenic designer Erik D. Diaz created a city skyline and the Pinkerton family home similar in color 
to the illustrations in the “Pinkalicious” books." Jane Palmer - The Omaha World Herald

Red, White, & Tuna - Sierra Repertory Theatre 2010

"Erik D. Diaz's versatile single set includes space for a radio studio, weapons store, and a family home"  
Lisa Millegan Renner - The Modesto Bee

The Wedding Singer - TriArts Sharon Playhouse 2010

" Erik D. Diaz's scenic design works so well that weather the action is inside a wedding hall with strings of light, outside by a 
dumpster against a brick wall, in grandma's basement, or in a bridal shop, the locale is noted with clarity and distinction" 
Joanne Greco Rochman - The Republican-American

Miracle on South Division Street - Seven Angels Theatre Company 2010

" Erik D. Diaz's set design is realistically rendered with plenty of attention to detail. Becasue of Diaz's vision, the audience steps 
right into the kitchen of this loving Polish family."   Joanne Greco Rochman - The Republican-American

" Erik D. Diaz's single set, subtly stresses how the Novak's kitchen has not really changed extensively over the years."   
Andrew Beck - The Hartford Examiner

" Erik D. Diaz's set design skillfully matched the requirements of the script"   David Begelman - The CT Post

The Sunshine Boys - Seven Angels Theatre Company 2010

"Erik D Diaz has designed a really impressive set for this production. In the first act, the action takes placein a NY apartment 
complete with kitchen, bedroom and living room. The second act takes place on the set of a television studio -- so the stage 
essentially becomes a set within a set -- before turning back into the apartment." 
Joanne Greco Rochman - The Republican-American

"Erik D. Diaz's scenic design created an appropriately appointed run down hotel apartment." 
David Begelman - The Danbury News Times

Song Man, Dance Man - Seven Angels Theatre Company 2009

" Something Should be said for the capeable assest given Mr. Peterson by - an atractive set by Erik D. Diaz."   
David Begelman - The Danbury News Times

Forever Plaid - Penobscot Theatre Company 2009

" The set by Erik D. Diaz' is designed to resemble a television set when the appliance was a piece of furniture, not a wall 
hanging. It pulls the audience into the box when watching it was an event."   Judy Harrison - The Bangor Daily News

Lend Me A Tenor - Seacoast Repertory Theatre 2009

" The set design, by Erik D. Diaz is outstanding. Frank Lloyd Wright inspired window designs and elegant mission style 
furniture provide the 1934 luxury hotel ambience."   Susan West Chamberlin - Portsmouth Herald

Rabbithole - New Milford TheatreWorks 2009

" Erik D. Diaz's set design is realistically exquisite" Joanne Greco Rochman - The Repulican-American

" Erik D. Diaz's has created a marvelous set that includes the kitchen, living room, and child's bedroom of a Westchester 
suburban home that was once happy" Julie Stern - The Newtown Bee

" A beautifully rendered set designed by Erik D. Diaz brings a magnificent layer to the productionin creating what appears to 
be a suburban utopia. This is one of the most spectaular sets seen upon the TheatreWorks stage, used to great effect 
throughout the production" Jamie Ferris - The Housatonic Times

" Erik D. Diaz's excellent scenic design neatly captures the balence of high tech shine and hominess for which suburbanites 
strive" Chelsey Plemmons - The Danbury New Times

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum - TriArts Sharon Playhouse 2009

"Erik D. Diaz has designed the best TriArts set ever:  three Roman houses at angles to each other, with doors and windows that 
open and close on the action, paths left and right and even the hint of a garden.  How he accomplished this on the small 
TriArts stage is a wonder." Leon Graham - The Lakeville Journal

"Erik D. Diaz's scenic design was a thing of faux Roman beauty" David Begelman - The Citizen Register

"The Sharon production is hansomely turned out, with inventive and attractive pastel-shaded sets by Erik D Diaz that recreate 
a street in Rome with the houses of the three principals in view." - Chelsey Plemmons - The Danbury News Times

Rumors - Seacoast Repertory Theatre 2009

"The luxurious foyer, living room, and staircase are particulary impressive" Megan Grumbling - The Boston Phoenix

Holiday at the hills' - Worcester Foothills 2008
" Erik D Diaz's set is simple , but effective, including the giant snowflakes that dot the igloo-like proscenium arch"  -

" Erik D Diaz's  snowflake-framed set design is a perfect mood setter" Paul Kolas - The Telegram Gazette

State of the Union - Penobscot Theatre Company 2008

" Erik D Diaz's set and Shon Causer's lighting design were stunning, beautifully and perfectly functional" 
Judy Harrison - The Bangor Daily News

Elton John & Tim Rice's AIDA - TriArts Sharon Playhouse 2008

" Set Designer Erik D. Diaz has created remarkable shifting images that evoke exotic Egypt in the time of the pharaohs. A 
shilouetted skyline of pyramids is reshaped with the addition of towering pillars for the pharaoh's palace, and mesh curtains 
that suggest a prison compound"   Chesley Plemmons - The CT Post

" Suddenly , the audience is transported from the contemporary museum to slave barge and life in ancient Egypt. Silhouettes of 
palm trees and pyramids nail the locale.  Not only do the actors make the transition seamlessly, but so too the sets designed by 
Erik D. Diaz."  Joanne Greco Rochman - The Republican-American

The Full Monty - TriArts Sharon Playhouse 2008

" Erik D. Diaz's sets -- sliding panels and pushed on pieces -- were clearly Buffalo inspired " 
Chesley Plemmons - The Danbury News Times

" Erik D. Diaz's Scenic Design was innovative" David Begelman - The Citizen Register 

Wait Until Dark - Seacoast Repertory Theatre 2008

" Functioning as a member of the "cast", is a brilliantly designed set by Erik D. Diaz" Tamara Le - Fosters Daily Democrat

" The set by Erik D. Diaz is as authentic as a cellar apartment gets" Jeanne McCartin - Portsmouth Herald

" ...its thrills are brought to tingling heights by the show's set......Suzy's apartment (wonderfully uber-realistic, with lots of 
classic furnishings and avacado green) has a beautifully intimidating long staircase running the back of the set" 
Megan Grumbling - The Boston Phoenix

Tick, Tick.......Boom - New Repertory Theatre 2007

" Erik D. Diaz's cityscape (happily over the band, so we can see them ) is the perfect setting for this quintessential New York 
City tale of sucess ---and tragedy" Beverly Creasey - The Theatre Mirror

A Christmas Story - Foothills Theatre Company 2007

" Diaz gives you a visual sense of what it might have been like to live in the Parker's world 60 years ago."   
Paul Kolas - The Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Never The Sinner - Actors Theatre of Washington 2006

" Intermittently throughout the show, huge, salacious headlines and sepia toned still photos are projected onto Erik D. Diaz's 
courtroom set. A circus-like ring lit by bare bulbs encircles the defense table around which most of the play's action takes 
place."  Patrick Folliard - The Washington Blade

" Erik D. Diaz's  set is a small ring with footlights, and when the two men begin to cockily explaining thenselves in public, 
cynical paces that recall the razzle-dazzle of "Chicago."
Nelson Pressley - The Washington Post

" Erik D. Diaz provides the good looking one-ring set, and a good deal of visual impact comes from the projections."
Brad Hathaway - Potomac Stages

What they are saying..........
Awards and Recognitions

2017 IRNE Award Nominee – Best Scenic Design for 
                                        Doubt – Ocean State Theatre Company 

2016 BroadwayWorld Award Winner - Rhode Island– Best Scenic Design for 
                                        Billy Elliot: The Musical  – Ocean State Theatre Company

2016 BroadwayWorld Award Nominee - Memphis – Best Scenic Design for 
                                        Peter and the Starcatcher – Playhouse on the Square

2016 BroadwayWorld Award Nominee - Memphis – Best Scenic Design for 
                                       Carrie The Musical – Playhouse on the Square  

2016 BroadwayWorld Award Nominee - Los Angeles – Best Scenic Design for 
                                      Henry V – Kingsmen Shakespeare Company

2016 BroadwayWorld Award Nominee - Denver – Best Scenic Design for 
                                       9 to 5 The Musical – Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

2016 IRNE Award Nominee – Best Scenic Design for 
                                        Mothers and Sons – SpeakEasy Stage Company

2016 Design for Mothers and Sons was featured as part of the 2016 USITT Design Expo.

2015 Backdrop design of Mary Poppins’ Jolly Holiday as part of USITT Scenic Commission 

2015 Theatre Colorado Award Winner – Best Production- Large Theatre Company for 
                                    Disney & Cameron Mackintosh’s Mary Poppins  – Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

2014 Design for Marry Me A Little was featured as part of the 2014 USITT Design Expo.

2013 IRNE Award Nominee – Best Scenic Design for 
                                    Lumberjacks In Love – Stoneham Theatre Co. 

2013 Pikes Peak Art Council Award Winner Best Production for 
                                    The Drowsy Chaperone – Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

2012 Broadway World Connecticut Award Nominee – Best Scenic Design for 
                                    How to Succeed in Business – Seven Angels Theatre Co.

2012 The Velveteen Rabbit (originally produced at Penobscot Theatre Company)  part of the inaugural 
                                    New York Children’s Theatre Festival.

2012 IRNE Award Nominee – Best Scenic Design for 
                                    The Drowsy Chaperone -Turtle Lane Playhouse

2012 IRNE Award Winner – Best Production of a Play for 
                                    The Brother/ Sister Plays – Company One

2012 IRNE Award Nominee – Best Prod of a Musical for 
                                    The Drowsy Chaperone -Turtle Lane Playhouse

2012 IRNE Award Nominee – Best Prod of a Play for 
                                    The Book of Grace – Company One

2011 IRNE Award Nominee – Best Prod of a Musical for 
                                    Once on This Island –Blue Spruce Theatre Co.

2007 48 Hour Film Project - Best Film Audience Award for Rich Dilson: Realtor

2005 Design for Misalliance was featured at World Stage Design Exhibition in Toronto

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